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Escarpment Labs

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At its new facility in Guelph Ontario, Escarpment Laboratories is ready to supply both custom and wild yeast strains to large and small craft beer breweries across Canada. The sole domestic supplier of yeast helps brewers avoid the potential extra …

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EarthShield Biotech

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EarthShield Biotech’s Enviroseal™ bioresin offers an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to black plastic use in agriculture.

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P&P Optica

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P&P Optica Inc. an instrumentation company located in Waterloo, Ontario provides chemical imaging technology for the food processing industry. Its industrial applications are designed to increase revenue and process efficiencies as well as reduce food waste.

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Annual General Meeting 2016

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Theme of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies was “Exploring Food Innovation from OAFT’s Perspective.” Over a fast-paced four hour session, 16 speakers talked about the experiences of their companies and organizations with innovation and growth related …

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Yunustech Inc. is an innovative design, manufacture and assembly company that produces LED lighting for agricultural and other applications.

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AgriBrink Update

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AgriBrink launched its new GPS controller in 2015. The Automatic Air Inflation Deflation device has a new user friendly interface that allows for tire pressure changes on the fly. Changing the tire pressure on heavy equipment can minimize field compaction …

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Semi-Annual Meeting -Sept 25, 2015

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“Big Stuff” Big Data, Big Announcement, Big Possibilities… At the 2015 semi-annual meeting of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, Chris Cameron of Angus GeoSolutions Inc. talked about the connection between “Big Data and You”. Gord Surgeoner made a big announcement about the …

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All Weather Farming Inc.

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David and Chere Smith of Port Ryerse, Ontario have committed to promoting and growing miscanthus acreage in Ontario. David has customized the equipment needed to help farmers plant this promising biomass crop.

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Appassimento Wines

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Appassimento wine technology developed at the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre in Vineland Station, Ontario.

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Episode 52 of the Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT) video series Game Changers in Agriculture profiles BIOBLACKR, a bioresin alternative to carbon black.

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